Josei Heishi Jiu Jitsu would like to send a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to our very own Sponsored Athletes, who competed and placed in some very tough brackets last week (August 22nd-August 25th) while competing at the World Master Championships in Las Vegas, NV!

Vanessa Wexler, Black Belt out of Gracie Barra Colorado Springs secured a Bronze Medal in the Masters 1 Middleweight division. This World Master Championship was the first World Masters at Black Belt for Vanessa and she certainly did not cease to amaze us! Vanessa had a first round victory when she went for a submission and secured an advantage point from that attempt. The second match was very close and very calculated by both competitors, then in the last 15 seconds, Vanessa’s opponent scored 2 points from a sweep giving her the win.

(Photo Credit: Josei Heishi Jiu Jitsu)



Lindsey Boston, Purple Belt from Evolution Martial Arts Academy (Charles Gracie Team) out of Sparks, NV. She took home the Silver medal in the Masters 2 Light Feather division. Lindsey had three incredible matches against some seriously tough competitors and she managed to come out winning her first match by points 11-2. Her second match Lindsey was up 14-0 then secured her win by submission (Wrist Lock). After an exciting and close finals match her opponent came out with the victory with a final score of 2-0.

(Photo Credit: Lindsey Boston)

Rose Stratton, Purple Belt out of Esteem BJJ (Team Megaton) in Petaluma, CA competed in the Masters 1 Light Weight division. Rose fought an amazing match; she began by pulling guard, her opponent was quick to slice through and get side control. Rose was quick to move to turtle in attempt to recover her guard, however, she ended up going for a triangle attempt. The attempt was unsuccessful and it slid off, so Rose began to invert, but her opponent caught her on the side and ended up getting a bow and arrow. Rose did everything she could in preparation for this competition and we could not be more proud of her regardless of the outcome!

(Photo Credit: Mike Calimbus Photography)



Josei Heishi Jiu Jitsu is SO incredibly proud and happy for our athletes who relentlessly work day in and day out both on and off the mats to be the best they can be when training and also in living their every day lives as wives, mothers, business women, instructors (just a few of the many roles these amazing women play). Vanessa, Rose and Lindsey continue to inspire and empower all of those around them! Resilient Women Conquer All! OSS!