“Female Soldiers”

Josei Heishi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu



Josei Heishi Jiu Jitsu is a Jiu Jitsu  brand

created by females for females.

Josei Heishi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Our mission at Josei Heishi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is to create a brand that recognizes all females in the Jiu Jitsu community as hardworking, strong and resilient

Our Founder

Josei Heishi Jiu Jitsu Founder - Leeann Morris
Leeann Morris co-owns and operates two academies with her husband, World Class Martial Arts- Holmes, PA and World Class Martial Arts -Bootwyn, PA.  Leeann has been practicing martial arts since 1993, when she began training in Tang Soo Do. She currently holds the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor in the art of Tang Soo Do, and instructs children through adult classes regularly at her academy.

In 2010, Leeann wanted to expand her martial arts education further and gave Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a try. She initially began training Jiu Jitsu to further her self-defense knowledge and become a more well-rounded martial artist.  She enjoys the unique challenges she faces in Jiu Jitsu, and strives to excel the same way as she has in Tang Soo Do. Leeann currently holds the rank of Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu jitsu. In addition to being a martial artist and business owner  Leeann is also a loving mother to her son, Roman.

World Class Martial Arts – a Robson Moura affiliate:

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Josei Heishi BJJ News

3rd Annual Josei Heishi Jiu Jitsu Women’s Camp!

This July join Josei Heishi Jiu Jitsu as we host a weekend long camp the weekend of July 19-21 in Philadelphia, PA!

Pinktober Gi Now Available – Limited Time

Limited Inventory! Get your Gi before they’re gone!
We are proud to announce our collaborative work with Break New Ground.
All proceeds shall be donated to Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Nikki Sullivan Seminar

Josei Heishi Jiu Jitsu recently held a No Gi Seminar with Nikki Sullivan at World Class Martial Arts-Boothwyn. Nikki is a Brown Belt out of Atos, HQ and trains directly under Professors Andre & Angelica Galvao. She is a very accomplished athlete- her recent...

2018 IBJJF World Master Championships

Josei Heishi Jiu Jitsu would like to send a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to our very own Sponsored Athletes, who competed and placed in some very tough brackets last week (August 22nd-August 25th) while competing at the World Master Championships in Las Vegas, NV! Vanessa...

Official Josei Heishi Jiu Jitsu Belts Now Available!

Grab one of the beautiful, brand new Official Josei Heishi Jiu Jitsu belts and represent the #1 brand for women in Jiu Jitsu while training or competing!

Camp Re Cap with Cheryl Bennett

A trip of a lifetime: When I first started my Jiu-jitsu journey, through Social Media, I became aware of a group of women, who In my opinion, personify what it means to be a resilient woman in today’s world. Enter Leeann Morris of Josei Heishi Jiu-jitsu. I first...

Breast Cancer Awareness Gi

Time is running out to pre-order! PRE-ORDER ENDS AUG 17TH – order now to save!

Rose Stratton 2018 Pan American Champion!

Congratulations to Josei Heishi sponsored athlete, Rose Stratton on her Gold Medal victory! Rose is the co owner of Esteem BJJ in Petaluma, CA. In addition to her recent 2018 Pan AM Championship title she has also accomplished to be a 2017 Pan AM Bronze Medalist...

Josei Heishi Jiu Jitsu, Owner, Leeann Morris on The Kuzushi Podcast

Owner of Josei Heishi Jiu Jitsu, Leeann Morris was recently featured on episode #17 of the Kuzushi Podcast. You can listen here: https://soundcloud.com/user-636530679/the-kuzushi-podcast-episode-17

Blog Post: A Very Candid, No Holds-Barred Uncensored “Coffee Talk” between Almine Barton & Traver Boehm

Almine: Bruises are a big part of my life as a climber, thus having a colleague at the clinic I previously worked at share her own black and blue marks wasn’t a big deal. I would walk into work, bruised up from taking some lead falls climbing, she would walk into work...