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Josei Heishi Jiu Jitsu Brand Ambassadors Benefits

  • Brand Ambassadors will receive a Free Gi Patch & T shirt to start their ambassadorship
  • Brand Ambassadors receive up to 10% OFF and FREE Shipping when shopping in the online store
  • Brand Ambassadors have opportunity to contribute news articles to our monthly newsletters
  • Brand Ambassadors are featured on all of our social media and recognized for her support to the brand
  • Join the brand that is on the rise to becoming the #1 brand for girls and women in Jiu Jitsu!

*Please allow up to 4 weeks for response in regards to your application*

What is a Brand Ambassador?
A Brand Ambassador is someone who will represent and talk about our company in a positive way and is someone who will embody what the brand is endorsing.

Some of these traits include:
Knowledge of the brand and the mission
A relationship builder
Someone who conducts oneself in a professional manner
A team player

Once your submission is received, our marketing team will review and if you are accepted as a Brand Ambassador for Josei Heishi Jiu Jitsu you will receive an email. 

***Only 25 Brand Ambassador positions are available.  As of October 1, 2018 another 25 positions will open***

All fields required.

Your Stats

Let's get to know each other!

Let's get Social!

Are we missing anything?

*Please allow up to 4 weeks for a response to your application.*

If you are having trouble with the form submitting, copy and paste your responses and email them to us!