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Sponsored Athletes - Andrea Fahl
NEU/Soneca BJJ-Everilton Silva

Andrea began her journey in BJJ in 2011. A serious injury took her off the mats from September 2013 to April 2014. Once recovered, she took 3rd at Adult Worlds as a White Belt in 2014. August 2014 marked the start of her Blue belt journey. IBJJF, NAGA, Good Fight, & Grapplers Quest are tournaments she has participated in. She is an international competitor and medal holder.

“The best part, however, is the people you meet and the connections you make.”

She is a contributor/writer for Jiu Jitsu Times, a personal trainer & owner of Aya’s Eats – a meal prep service, and a contributor for Dan Fagella’s Science of Skill on Jiu Jitsu and fitness related content. When able, she enjoys volunteering, working tables and refereeing for IBJJF, Dragon’s Lair, and Tap Cancer Out.

International Medals: Gold No gi – Brazil; Worlds Bronze Medalist 5/22/2014 White belt

White Belt 2014: IBJJF World Adult Championship Long Beach CA 5/22 – Bronze; Tap Cancer Out 8/16 – Gi Silver; NAGA Grappling Championship 5/10 – Gi Gold; Tap Cancer Out 4/02 – Gi Gold

Blue Belt 2014: Dragon’s Lair CT 11/23 – no gi Gold; IBJJF Montreal Open 11/22 – Bronze; Good Fight AL SubOnly 10/25 – Gi Gold, No Gi Bronze; Naga Grappling Championship 10/18 – NoGi Silver; Good Fight ME SubOnly 10/04 – Gi Gold, No gi Gold; NAGA Grappling Championship 6/28 – Gi Silver, No gi Silver

Blue belt 2015: Boston open – 3rd, NAGA 3/14 – gi gold, no gi silver, Dragon’s Lair 1/24 – Gold gi & no gi

Blue Belt 2016: IBJJF World Master Champion, Las Vegas, NV 8/27/16

Achieved Purple Belt, December 2016

Look for Andrea at her upcoming tournaments, including Dallas Open, local NAGAs, World Championship Grappling Superfight, European & much more!

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