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Cleea “The Little Bully” Cole Straklevski began her Martial Arts journey at 7 years old. She started with Japanese Jujitsu then, added Mauy Thai and Wrestling before transitioning to BJJ at Team DNA BJJ under her Professor Dainis Nguyen. She also studies Judo at Budokan Judo, is a member of the Team Impact Wrestling Team.

Cleea loves competing and has a great time meeting new Freinds in the sport. She has had a chance to meet many influential figures in the both BJJ and in Judo, and she has learned from over countless seminars and camps.

She has always looked to give back to the sport, by helping newcomers to the club. She works at a charity that raises funds for kids wanting to do martial arts but can’t afford to. She is also an active Ambassador to the sport. She has always looked to earn her way.

Cleea is currently working on instructional videos for kids interested in martial arts, available late summer 2016 on Instagram and Facebook.

She is a multi Provincial Champion, countless local Judo tournament Champion, Regional Wrestling champion with superfights titles and belts, and on July 30th made her pay-per-view debut. She is looking forward to more international IBJJF tournament exposure over the next few years. “First on the mats, last off” is what she recommends to anyone wanting to reach the top “with a smile and hugs”.

Cleea’s Competition Achievements:

Chokes by the Ocean Pay per view 2 X kids super fight main event (1 draws and last one was a win, #undefeated) 

West Chokes payperview kids main event super fight draw against 12 year old boy

Women International Brazilian Jiu jitsu Super fight Kids main event winner

Next Gen Gold medalist 2017

Canada Pro Cup champion 2016

Niagara falls area super fight kids main event winner (x 2, 2 belts won 2015, 2016)

Abu Dhabi Kids Qualifier Gold 2017

IBJJF British Silver Medalist 2017

Gta classic 2 X champ

Ottawa Open gold 2015, 2016

Sudbury Open gold 2015

Nova Scotia open gold 2016

Niagara falls 3 x double gold defender 2014,15 2017 Missed 2016 for Judo)

Ontario open 2 x champion 2015 2017, missed 2016 due to club change

Provincial champ 2 x 2015 2016

Grappling industries Toronto gold medalist (against boys 2016 2015

IBJJF Kids Pan am Silver 2017. Bronze 2016


Ahsai Judo cup champ 2016, silver 2017

Niagra champ 2016

Tora champ 2016

6 Shiai gold 2016


Regional champ 2015,2016, silver 2017

Matmen champ 2016

Provincial bronze 2017

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