Tapped by a Girl BJJ Camp

For Women Only

Tapped by a Girl BJJ Camp – For Women Only
September 24th and 25th – Chicago, IL

Tapped By a Girl BJJ Camp

$25 One Day • $45 Weekend

Includes Discount for Oct. 16th seminar with Black Belt Sophia Drysdale

Register online at TappedByAGirl.com or Email to register.

True Beginner Intro Session

Interested in Jiu Jitsu but not ready to commit? This women-only session is designed to be a friendly, no-pressure introduction to BJJ.

Female-Focused Training

Two seminars tailored to women’s strengths in gym training and competition. Plenty of time for drilling and training with other women and instructors.

Three Instructors

Brown belt Kim Freeman and black belts Daniel Vianna and Evan Mannweiler represent three styles of Jiu Jitsu from their instructors: Caique, Carlson Gracie Jr and Andre Galvao.

Health and Nutrition in BJJ

Certified nutritionist, chiropractor and BJJ competitor will discuss general health topics relevant for women who train. Come with questions!

Free Time and Fun Stuff

Tapped By a Girl BJJ Camp for women only.

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